Roof Repairs
General Roof Repairs

Donpar Roofing is very experienced in general roof repairs.
Damage can happen to roofing when areas of a roof are low and water begins to collect. These areas are referred to as ponding areas.
Affected areas deteriorate and become less durable. Damage also occurs when general maintenance is neglected and water seeps into the roof system,
which then causes leaks. After leaks occur, roof repairs are required.

Donpar Roofing also installs new roof curbs, roof anchors and other miscellaneous items. We hold experience installing roofs on a variety of building types.
These include: high rise, industrial, pharmaceutical and commercial buildings.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Donpar Roofing provides emergency roof repair service when sudden problems arise. The emergency service is for unexpected roof leaks that occur and interfere with a company’s production, or work area. We investigate the leak and halt it temporarily, then follow up with a permanent repair quotation.
Once accepted, and weather permitting, we send out our service crew to do the permanent repair.

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